Lodge Chelmsford Technology No 261


The exercise of Charity is a fundamental principle for all Freemasons. The Lodge supports a broad spectrum of community groups.

Drummoyne Rugby Club

The Lodge supports Drummoyne Rugby Club (Est 1874) to promote awareness of Freemasonary in the community.

Discover Drummoyne Rugby Club.

Lucas Gardens School

Lucas Gardens School provides educational programs for students with intellectual and physical disabilities, some of whom also have sensory impairments and complex medical problems.
Discover Lucas Gardens School.

Charles Sturt University

The Lodge promotes the masonic cardinal virtue of Justice through sponsorship of a student studying in a Justice related field at Charles Sturt University. The 2019 recipient is in the final year of a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree and aspires to a career in policing.
At the end of the year of study the scholarship recipient acknowledged the benefits of the scholarship to the University in the following terms:
lmpact of the scholarship
This scholarship completely changed my approach to my university studies for the better. Before receiving this scholarship, I was finding that l was struggling to be able to apply myself to my studies fully as I was constantly under the stress and pressure to work and make enough money to get by as well as being a full time student. Since receiving this scholarship, I have noticed a significant rise in my marks in my subjects and I have found that I have been able to gain so much more from them, as I have been able to apply myself fully without having the financial stress. I had piece of mind that I could focus fully on my studies and get by financially at the same time.
Supporter Statement
I would thank them for their kindness and generosity and explain to them the difference that they have made on my life. I would explain to them my goals for the future and how I one day hope to be able to pay it forward in some way as they have done for me. I would reassure them that their money has gone to good use and meant that I have been able to get the most that I possibly can out of my university experience.
Read the letter of appreciation from the 2019 recipient.

Inner West Community Band

The Inner West Community Band is an exciting new concert band in Sydney formed in 2010 to bring woodwind, brass and percussion instrumentalists within the community together. Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings (7pm until 9.30pm) in Marrickville.
The band aims to provide community members of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to play, enjoy and perform great music while having fun and becoming better musicians. The band is passionate about providing a musical presence in the community and engaging a diverse audience through the performance of music from many different styles and cultures in a great range of settings.
Read about the Inner West Community Band.

Concord Repatriation Hospital

The Lodge funds scholarships for nurses at Concord Hospital which will focus on sending nurses to further their education in cancer care. There were two recipients in 2019:
Contribution to a Registered Nurse to attend the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference in Perth; and
Contribution to a Clinical Nurse Specialist for studies for a Bachelor of Nursing Degree with Professional Honours in Oncology Nursing at the University of Tasmania.
The scholarships were presented on International Nurses Day.

Sailability Lake Macquarie

Sailability is an organisation that allows people with disability to sail. The Lodge has provided support to enable Sailability to have the trolleys used to launch the boats galvanised to extend the useful life. The boat is taken from the lawn and placed on the trolley, then taken to a position to allow the person to be placed in the boat with the use of a cradle and winch. Trolley, boat and person are then taken to the water where handlers wait to pull the boat out into the Lake and position the centreboard. Normally there are two people in the boat one able body and one disabled person, depending on the sailing skills.

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A Start in Life

A Start in Life is a charity providing a brighter future for young Australians. With origins in the Masonic Youth Welfare Scheme A Start in Life has supported the education of young Australians for over 90 years. The Lodge is providing direct support to a student as well as support to the organisation.
Read about the work of A Start in Life.


Masonicare is the official charity of NSW and ACT Freemasons promoting charity in local communities, providing urgent assistance to communities in distress and supporting Masons and their families through hard times.
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NSW Freemasons' Orphan Society

The Lodge through a donation supports The NSW Freemasons' Orphans Society to care for orphans from infancy until they are able to care for themselves.

National Asthma Council of Australia

Asthma is a disease prevalent in Australia. The Lodge through a donation supports the work of the National Asthma Council as the national authority for asthma and setting the standard for asthma care.
Read about the work of the National Asthma Council.


The Lodge through a donation supports the mission of CareFlight to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community.

Read about the work of CareFlight.

South Strathfield Public School

The Lodge promotes the study of the liberal arts and sciences through a donation to the school for purchase of library books.

Mortlake Public School

The Lodge promotes the study of the liberal arts and sciences through a donation to the school for purchase of library books.